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Spiny oyster shell earrings with hand cut tabs, U.S. mined green turquoise & sterling wire wrap.
Boho luxe style earrings with hand cut spiny oyster shell  tabs, U.S. mined green turquoise & sterling wire wrap.
Earthy elegant spiny oyster shell earrings with hand cut tabs, U.S. mined green turquoise & sterling wire wrap.

Spiny Oyster Shell Earrings, U.S. Turquoise, Sterling Wire Wrap

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Richly colored & very boho luxe, stone slab style earrings with vibrant spiny oyster shell tabs, green turquoise & sterling wire wrap. These earthy elegant earrings start with lightweight tabs of natural, reddish orange & white spiny oyster shell, hand cut & polishedin our studio. The shell tabs are paired with rich green & brown, U.S. mined turquoise in teardrop shaped beads. Bound together with oxidized sterling wire wrap, the tabs are faced with copper twist spacers, for an extra touch of detail. 

These one of a kind earrings measure just over 2" (5.08 cm) in total length, including their hand formed, oxidized sterling ear wires. In weight, they are 0.105 oz, or 3 grams (per earring)....a U.S. penny weighs 2.5 grams. 

Our hand cut gemstone beads & carvings are made by us, in our studio, one at a time with love, patience, energy and attention to detail. You can absolutely find cheaper, mass-produced, sweat-shop made stone beads & carvings.But, if you appreciate the natural energy a stone holds, why not treat yourself to truly one of a kind pieces in which that energy has been respected & built upon!

Our stone earring tabs are fabricated carefully & skillfully, but please handle them with a bit of care. Excessively rough handling or dropping them on a hard surface could cause possible chipping or breakage. They are natural stone & Nature can be fragile! 

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