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Boho Garnet Earrings, Copper Wire Wrap


Rich & sultry, these deepest red garnet & copper earrings feature faceted & smooth gemstone beads & ornate, solid copper beads.

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Gorgeously detailed, solid oxidized copper beads & sultry, deep red faceted gemstone beads are the focus in these boho garnet earrings. These two beads are bound together in an oxidized copper wire wrap coil that ends in a little spiral flourish…a fancy, twisted copper ring hangs below & on that, a little drop with a smooth garnet bead.

These elegant earrings measure 2.25″ (5.71 cm) in total length, including their hand formed, oxidized sterling ear wires.

A brief history of Garnet…

Garnets are found in many varieties, each being described by a special name. The Pyrope Garnet is a deep red, whilst the Cinnamon (Hessonite) garnet stone usually has its colour varied by a tinge of orange. Almandine Garnets have a violet hue and take their name from Alabanda, a town in Asia Minor, where, according to the Roman author Pliny, this stone (which he describes as the Alabandicus) was in his time cut and polished. Tsavorite garnet is a green to emerald colored variety of grossular garnet, which is composed of calcium aluminum silicate. The intense green of tsavorite is owed to traces of vanadium or chromium. This desirable hue can cause tsavorite to be mistaken for fine emeralds. The name “tsavorite” comes from the place where it was first discovered; Tsavo National Park in Tanzania on the borders of Kenya and Tanzania. To this day, this area is the only source of tsavorite garnet.

Metaphysical properties of garnet…

The birthstone of January & astrological stone of Capricorn & Aquarius, Garnets have always been extensively used throughout the East and amongst the Greeks and Romans. The Romans frequently using them for engraving, several fine specimens of Imperial portraits, including those of the emperors, having come down to us in this way. In India and throughout the far east it was known as an Amulet against poison and the plague, worn to attract health and cheerfulness, and as a protection against lightning. During the Middle Ages it was used as a remedy for the plague, or the Black Death, and inflammatory diseases. Garnets were also worn to confer constancy, fidelity, and cheerfulness to its rightful wearers, but was said to cause discord amongst those having no right to it by birth. Like the Ruby, the garnet warned its owner of approaching danger and trouble by changing its colour, and was much in vogue at one time as a keepsake between friends at parting.

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