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Boho Tribal Necklace, Chunky Handmade Jade Beads


This chunky statement necklace features handmade jade, unakite & chrysoprase beads, copper granulation discs, vintage India silver beads & Indonesian recycled glass beads.

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This one of a kind, boho tribal necklace is a gorgeous statement piece…it features cylindrical beads in pale & earthy greens of Burmese jade, unakite & chrysoprase, handmade in the Elksong Jewelry studio. Combined with these are deliciously chunky, vintage faceted beads of India silver, similarly faceted water green beads of Indonesian recycled glass, faceted bronze hematite spacers, granulation copper discs and smaller, round beads of India silver. The focal piece is also vintage India silver, with floral style bails and mysterious runic markings.

This lovely, elegant jade statement necklace measures 19.5″ (49.53 cm) in total length, including it’s hand fabricated, India silver S clasp.

A brief history of jade…

Nephrite jade has its cultural roots in the smoke-dimmed caves and huts that sheltered prehistoric humans. In China, Europe, and elsewhere around the world, Stone Age workers shaped this toughest of minerals into weapons, tools, ornaments, and ritual objects. Their carvings invoked the powers of heaven and earth and mystic forces of life and death.                                                         The ancient relationship between this gemstone and humanity persisted into modern times among native societies in New Zealand and parts of North America. In China it evolved into an artistic tradition that has flourished for more than 3,000 years.

In Central America, the Mayans and the Aztecs prized jadeite jade. They used it for medicinal purposes as well as for jewelry, ornaments, and religious artifacts. The name jade comes from the Spanish expression piedra de ijada—literally “stone of the pain in the side.” Early Spanish explorers named it after they saw natives holding pieces of the stone to their sides to cure or relieve various aches and pains. Jadeite also symbolizes prosperity, success, and good luck.

It was in China—where the gem-carving tradition was already thousands of years old—that jadeite reached its peak as an important artistic medium. The first jadeite reached China from Burma (now known as Myanmar) in the late 1700s, and late eighteenth and early nineteenth century carvers created masterpieces that are still unsurpassed in concept, design, and technical execution.

Our hand cut gemstone beads & carvings are made by us, in our studio, one at a time with love, patience, energy and attention to detail. You can absolutely find cheaper, mass-produced, sweat-shop made stone beads & carvings, but if you appreciate the natural energy a stone holds, why not treat yourself to truly one of a kind pieces in which that energy has been respected & built upon!

Thanks so much for stopping by & please do Contact Us with any questions, comments or requests! ​​

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