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Hand cut carnelian tab earrings with natural white bamboo coral & oxidized copper wire wrap.
Carnelian tab & natural white bamboo coral earrings with oxidized copper wire wrap.
Earthy hand cut carnelian tab earrings with natural white bamboo coral & oxidized copper wire wrap.

Hand Cut Carnelian Earrings, Tab Style with Natural Bamboo Coral

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In autumn shades of russet & ivory, these hand cut carnelian earrings are pure boho luxe style! One of a kind & oh-so-earthy, they feature tile shaped tabs of natual, banded carnelian agate with beveled edges. The tabs are paired with creamy, natural bamboo coral discs & copper granulation star spacers, then bound with oxidized copper wire wrap. 

The earrings measure 2" (5.08 cm) in total length, including their hand formed, oxidized sterling ear wires. In weight, they are 0.19 oz, or 5.4 grams (per earring)...2 U.S. pennies weigh 5 grams. 

Our hand cut gemstone beads & carvings are made by us, in our studio, one at a time with love, patience, energy and attention to detail. You can absolutely find cheaper, mass-produced, sweat-shop made stone beads & carvings, but if you appreciate the natural energy a stone holds, why not treat yourself to truly one of a kind pieces in which that energy has been respected & built upon!

Our stone earring tabs are fabricated carefully & skillfully, but please handle them with a bit of care. Excessively rough handling or dropping them on a hard surface could cause possible chipping or breakage. They are natural stone & Nature can be fragile! 

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