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Welcome! At Elksong Jewelry you'll find an array of eclectic artisan jewelry designs that will be yours alone.

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Desert Shaman

Like the power necklace of some ancient desert shaman, this mixed material assemblage necklace is full of unique & wondrous tidbits.

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Blue Wings

Graceful, organic shapes like blue wings in these hand cut lapis & turquoise earrings.

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Urban Blues

Unique chandelier earrings in cobalt & aqua blue and brass...industrial boho gypsy style! 

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What our customers are saying...

The turritella agate is downright delightful! The color, the swirls, the cut, the pairing with little hits of labradorite and silver all magically put together make them perfect with any outfit - from yoga pants to heading to the theater.

~~Hand Cut Turritella Earrings~~

Maureen T.

 Love all your work! I have been a returning customer for 4 years now. I love the craftsmanship and how easy Elksong is to work with on customer orders. Thank you!

~~Lilac Sparkler Earrings~~

Dawn D.

Elegant and beautiful! The stones are well chosen and the Dragonfly itself is amazing. My daughter will love it. thank you for creating something so beautiful.

~Through the Rain Necklace~

Patricia M.

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