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Welcome! At Elksong Jewelry you'll find an array of eclectic artisan jewelry designs that will be yours alone!

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Shades of Blue

Long & elegant, with a bohemian flair, these silver ankh & blue gemstone earrings are eye catching! 

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Steel Ankh

Long & elegant, this Ankh necklace of torch cut steel has a wonderful rustic boho vibe. 

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Maman Brigitt

Glorious red sugar skull earrings in decadent Mardi Gras style, inspired by Maman Brigit.

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Current Zodiac Sign...

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Delicately light and beautiful earrings...the craftsmanship in these little beauties is amazing. Love the simple design, which incorporates intricate wire wrapping, embossed copper and wonderful little gemstones. I'm going to have to force myself to stop wearing these so that my other earrings don't get jealous.

Maureen T.

Really special! I love everything about these perfectly crafted earrings!

Janet R.

Hand cut stone earrings - shades of green and copper...lovely, slightly idiosyncratic earrings (each earring is deliberately, charmingly different, which is why I bought them, truly individual) and beautifully crafted as usual. Stone colours are deeply earthy but also shine through the metal work Another favourite. Many thanks...

Jenifer J.

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