Stone Cutting

Scott is the Elksong Jewelry in-house lapidary man. He's been workin' the rocks for about 30 years now, creating little slabs for earrings, stone settings for necklaces & carved pieces. Read on to get a idea of the process! 

Slicing up some pipestone for earrings tabs.

 3-3-20 part 1

It IS a super Tuesday, 'cuz Scott's in the studio today, cutting stone for tabbie earrings! In this short video, he's cutting spiny oyster shell on our small trim saw....

3-3-20 part 2 

The second step, in creating stone tabs for earrings, is smoothing out the rough cut pieces on the flat lap grinder. Here, Scott's working with the spiny oyster shell piece he cut (in part 1) step will be cutting it into tab shapes. 

 3-4-20 part 3

All the tab pairs have been cut & it's another day...on to the process of going through the grits on the flat lap grinder. Each pair of earring tabs has to go through 3 passes on the grinder, each time with a finer grit. Once they're smooth & even, it'll be on to final polishing. 

We'll soon have lots of new tabbie earrings, but you can take a look at what we have now here. :)

 3-11-20 part 4

Time for the final step in creating our stone tabbies for earrings, the final polish. Scott will be out on this buffer for an hour or so, putting a nice gloss on all the stones tabs...

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