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~~~ Welcome to Elksong Jewelry's world. ~~~

Elksong Jewelry is a husband/wife team of artisan jewelers. We’ve been creating beauty & magic together for 40+ years. Our lives center around our off-grid, hand-built home & studio in the beautiful high desert lands of southeastern Arizona. We’ve been “out in the sticks”, building our home, creating jewelry, cooking sumptuous plant-based meals, doing gardening & walking this land for nearly 20 years. The desert, in all her moods & seasons, is where so much of our inspiration comes from!

Creating original, one of a kind jewelry pieces is what we do, all we do......

We don't make jewelry as a "side line", something extra to have in addition to our main work. Creating one of a kind jewelry pieces is all we do & we put our hearts and souls into it, let it sing to you!  It is our complete focus, so when you purchase an Elksong Jewelry design, you know you own a piece that is created with total dedication to detail & design, skill & high quality material.

In addition to our own original, eclectic creations, we are absolutely open to working with you on custom designs. Whether it's as simple as adjusting the length of a necklace or bracelet, or changing out a style of ear wire....or creating a custom design from scratch, please don't hesitate to communicate with us, we'd be delighted to work with you on your perfect piece of jewelry!

~~~Some commonly asked questions~~~

Do you make all your jewelry yourself?
What are your ear wires made of?
How do you choose the gemstones & colors for your zodiac jewelry?
What kind of chain do you use in your zodiac necklaces?
Are you a "green" business?
How soon will my order ship?
How does my order ship?
Is my package insured?
What if I'd like a necklace to be longer/shorter, will you customize?

And now, a bit about us...

Cherie has been creating jewelry from an early age. An avid collector of ornament, she started making her own jewelry at about age 10. Mostly self taught, she has gathered techniques like bits & pieces in a gypsy’s backpack. She learned seed bead weaving from an Iroquios lady named Nettie at 15….learned so much about the history of beads & jewelry while working at the historic (and sadly, now closed) Piney Hollow in Tucson, AZ….was apprenticed in lampwork glass by Kate Drew-Wilkinson….and much more. The passion for creating art in jewelry form is deep & constant and channeling the creative energy that goes into bringing a piece into being is rich & satisfying!

Scott has been an artistic & eclectic soul all his life. Travels around the country have exposed him to so many different cultures & expressions. He’s lived his own personal “Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe”! He learned basic metal smithing techniques from the lovely Mimi Haggerty (of Piney Hollow in Tucson) and elaborated on those techniques at the Randolph Center in Tucson. He studied rustic, organic stone carving with another world traveler. Now, he creates hand cut stone “tabbies”, beads & carvings for Cherie to use in her jewelry designs.

Finally, we hope you enjoy this photographic visit to our life & world!

We hoped you've enjoyed what we've shared & we'd love to hear from you with any questions, requests or comments!

A sample of jewels...